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Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are in a class?

Class sizes are limited to eight. This allows for a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for the students.

How many sessions are there per class?

Each session consists of three one and one half hour classes for children. Adult classes are scheduled for one three hour class

Why are classes held at Mrs. Amor's home instead of a restaurant or more formal classroom setting?

There are several reasons we hold classes at home:

1. The learning environment is friendly and relaxed, allowing students to learn and practice the concepts before they need to apply them in a public setting.

2. This helps keep costs for the program low.

3. Parents can sit in or listen in on the class.

What will my student be learning?

Students will develop a confident attitude toward manners by practicing at the dinning table with all formal and informal table settings.

This will also include how to make introductions, have polite conversation, greetings (introductions) and thank-you notes and phone manners; also children will understand how good manners help us interact positively with others.

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